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Static Websites

Static websites are an ideal solution for small businesses who want a simple and easy to update website solution which is quick and affordable. At AABizSol, we design and develop completely search engine friendly static websites which deliver relevant content to the users.

Static websites are

  1. Simple, effective and affordable for small business owners
  2. Quick to design and develop
  3. Ideal for demonstration and display
  4. Easy to set up and require almost no maintenance
  5. Search Engine Friendly

Benefits of static websites

  1. Improved usability
  2. Easy mobility
  3. Static web pages get delivered faster on the web
  4. Static websites are easily indexed by search engines
  5. Easy to update

Static websites are cheaper to develop and host to get a better web presence. Moreover, a static website has static web-pages and gives you precisely the same response over and over again. It requires less development time as compared to any other website.

Static Website Development

AABizSol focuses on professional Web design which improves the user experience and conveys a clear message; Web development is the actual implementation of the website in HTML form, making the website flexible and easy to update.

Our website developers design and build sites that are creative and different from other web design and development companies.

We Provide

  • Simple and creative static web site design and development
  • Search Engine Friendly web development

Our designers and developers are experts in their field, and can help you develop a static website in HTML or PHP with ease.

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