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Laravel Development Company

Expert Laravel Development Solutions

Looking for Laravel development services? Aabiz team of web developers has extensive experience delivering effective and efficient web applications using the Laravel PHP framework. Connect with us to benefit from our Laravel web application development services.

We Offer a Variety of Laravel Development Services

Based in New York, we at AABiZ are experts in providing specialized Laravel development services that are customized to meet the individual requirements of our clients. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any project, no matter how simple or difficult it may be. Our Laravel development services cover the following:

Customizable Laravel Websites

Robust Laravel Mobile and Desktop Applications

Migrating and Upgrading Apps to Laravel framework

High-speed E-commerce Websites and Apps

ERP and CRM system development with Laravel

Social Network related Laravel Development


You don’t want to miss our knowledge. We live up to our reputation as one of the top firms creating PHP Laravel applications and API services. Check out what our clients have to say about their interactions with us.

Enjoy These Benefits by Choosing Laravel for Your Business Web Apps

For a good reason, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It comes with various preconfigured Object-Oriented Libraries and code templates, allowing developers the opportunity to reuse code. In addition, Laravel apps offer the following advantages:

Highly Secure Websites and Apps

Impressive Speed

Easy Maintenance

The Blade Templating Engine of Laravel

Rapid App Development

API Generator Tools

Autoloading feature – No more manual inclusion paths

Version Control System – easily manage your app migration

Discover Our Laravel Development Process

Our meticulously planned development approach allows us to provide top-notch Laravel development services. The skill of our technicians enables us to carry out this procedure and consistently impress our customers.

Understanding the project

Understanding the client's requirements is the first step to a successful project. We discuss in great depth your expectations for the website and app we will create for you. This phase is crucial since it determines how we move forward.

Finalizing the details

Before beginning production, we design the website's layout and graphics and receive your permission. The layout, functionality, user flow, speed optimization, built-in tools, widgets, plugins, images, etc., are all finalized and documented at this stage.

Developing Laravel project

Here, our website developers start building your website. The length of development depends on the size of the project. Project management tools are used to keep an eye on the entire process. The whole crew is devoted to creating a very useful digital product for you.

Testing and client approval

We do QA tests on the website in the project's later stages to see how it will perform in various scenarios. After QA completion, we send it to the client for final approval.

Going live

Your Laravel-built website or app is now live and is ready to welcome your users. Our staff continually reviews the code, user interface, and other functionalities to ensure that the website functions properly.

Post-production maintenance

We provide lifelong maintenance and technical support if our clients opt for it. Here, we'll perform updates and occasionally check the website to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Laravel Application and Website Development Services Cover the Following

Customized Laravel Web application development

We are the ideal choice for companies that care about their brand and need a customized Laravel web application. Our developers are skilled coders and can set up anything for your app, from a customized theme to unique plugins.

Laravel Website Development

We have experience with Laravel to create safe websites with excellent user interfaces. Because AABiz’s developers are masters of the Laravel PHP framework, your company will benefit greatly from using a website built with this platform.

Laravel Application Development for eCommerce solutions

For their applications, e-commerce enterprises need interactive designs and strong performance to draw customers. We provide all of that and more. You can design a quick and scalable Laravel web app for your online store with the help of AABiz engineers.

API development with Laravel

Your mobile apps need an efficient way to transfer data between the server and the client. We use RESTful APIs to build connections between eloquent models and the JSON responses that mobile app requires, thus providing a great experience.

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