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Custom Web Development vs. WordPress Development

Have you just launched a new business and working on a website to support your new venture? A website is a great way to showcase your product/service and helps the consumer get in touch for any query they have regarding your business. In fact, a website is an ultimate need for any business – regardless of it being digital or brick-and-mortar.

When considering a website, the first question you would want to ask yourself is whether you would go for custom web development or WordPress development, with professional designs. The option you choose is dependent on many factors including size, budget, functionalities, and the requirements of your business.

Here let’s take a look at the benefits of both types of website development protocols.

Custom Web Development

There are numerous benefits of custom web development including:
• Design flexibility
• Exceptional results
• High-ranking in search engines
• Great customer service for technical queries
• Uniqueness and customized designing
• Works great for online marketing
• Comes with enhanced security

Custom designed websites are unique as the developer is in charge of all the customization. These types of websites are also robust as well as expandable – allowing the site to escalate with your business growth. Above all, they are secure and less vulnerable to hacks and attacks.
The disadvantage of opting for custom web development is basically cost and time. However, if you have limited technical abilities and lack resources for custom web development, we suggest going for WordPress site design.

WordPress development

WordPress websites are easy to set up, are affordable and individuals with limited technical abilities can easily create their website within a matter of minutes.

WordPress is basically content managing software that is popular all over the world for its ease-of-use and enhanced functionalities. Websites created through the WordPress platform are customizable according to the business niche; provide easy navigation and alignment as per the requirement of the content. These websites are also good for SEO and rank well in search engines.

To make your website further stand out, it is recommended to hire a designer to incorporate the perfect layout in your business site. The designer will not only be responsible for adding content on the website but also ensure that the design elements, themes, and plugins are unique and compatible with your business needs.

The biggest drawback of a WordPress website is security. These websites are susceptible to targeted attacks and hacks. However, a professional developer will ensure that the site is installed on a secure server for better protection

Which one to choose?

The website development method you choose is solely dependent on your business requirements and your ability. If you have the time and resource, you can go for custom web development techniques to ensure your website stands out from the plethora of sites on the World Wide Web.

However, if you lack time, ability, and resources – going for a WordPress designed website is the way to go. Besides being cost-effective, WordPress website offers tons of customization options so you can make a website like no other. They are also built with innovative features and allow quick and easy updates.

Our verdict: Start off with a WordPress developed website, designed by a professional developer. Once you decide to move on, you can ask the developer to make the switch to a custom design. The choice is yours!

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