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The top 11 trends in mobile development for the year 2019

The trends in mobile application development see a change each year. In this guide, we highlight the top 11 trends that are dominating the year 2019 – from simple designs to implementation of augmented reality. Implementing these trends in your app development protocol will ensure better, more efficient, and smarter products for your customers.

1. Simple designing

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

Average users are not as tech-savvy and presenting complex designs to them may make it difficult to browse the program. Instead, tech experts recommend creating website, software, and apps in the simplest way, with user-friendly navigation.

2. Compliance with GDPR Standards

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is relatively a new type of regulation that aims to safeguard the personal data of all European Union residents through legal protocols. Therefore, all software that store and utilize personal data of users should observe the laws outlined by the GDPR to avoid any legal disruptions.

3. Ongoing evolution

All software products should follow proper evolution management that is in line with the business goals of the owners and the user’s requirements.

4. Applied data science & machine learning

Data science is another critical component to address during mobile app development. This system ensures demand predictions and precise targeting to increase profits.

5. Integration of augmented reality

Augmented reality is another feature that holds prominence position in the world of mobile app development. ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android have been really popular with the mobile app users and integration of such protocols will be essential in the coming years.

6. Cross-Platform Coverage

When it comes to mobile platforms, Android and iOS are the most popular. During the app development process, it is worth noting to implement cross-platform app development frameworks such as Angular Native to ensure cost-effective solutions and access to a wider audience through both platforms.

7. Performance is the key

As a mobile application user, you know how tiresome it can get to wait for the app to launch. This is why it is important that you app launches quickly for the first time while continuous optimization is also integrate to ensure high performance throughout the app’s lifeline.

8. Security Matters

High-level security holds utmost importance not only for the safeguard of user’s private data but also on a legal level. Data security is one of the most discussed IOT trends and our expert team of app developers emphasize on building secure customized apps to ensure safety of the users.

9. Integration with bigger ecosystems

A mobile app is part of a bigger ecosystem. This is why our team creates IOT products that seamlessly integrate with other software and hardware for better functionality.

10. Ability to connect with all modern technologies

Our team integrates various methods to ensure that your app is interoperable with the modern connectivity standards as well as technologies and protocols.

11. A business-driven solution

Last but not the least, the app should focus on being a problem-solving agent for the end user while also help the business owner achieve their professional goals.

This remains to be the prime reason of app development and we make sure that the end result is not just a good product but a happy consumer as well. Get in touch with us to discuss any query you may have for your next project and we will be happy to assist you in creating a custom app that is in accordance with your business goals as well as the demand of the consumers.

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